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Alarm / Remote Starters


Upgrade to an after market alarm to gain many advantages over a factory alarm system. For example; after market alarms in general will have better range than OEM keypads. Aside from the remote features after market alarms are easily expanded to give additional sensors such as motion sensors, sound sensors, or even a tilt sensor. Another huge leg up over factory systems are the optional 2-way features turning your keypad into a receiving remote which will alert you to alarm triggers. Purchasing an alarm / remote start combo is also available.

Remote Starters

With a remote starter you can save yourself time and stay warm while you start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office. Not just for winter, a remote start will allow you to start your car in the summer and have your A/C nice and cold by the time you arrive. Units are available in mile and quater mile range. Pair your remote with an alarm combo for the ultimate in convenience.

Viper Smart Start

What is Viper Smart Start? It is the ability to remote start, unlock, lock, and track your vehicle all from your smartphone. With a Smart Start system installed into your vehicle you get peace of mind always knowing your car is secure no matter how far away you are. As long as you are in an area with cell phone service you will be able to take advantage of all the features you would be able to with your key pads such as remote start, door lock and unlock, and arming and disarming your alarm. With the upgraded GPS Smart Start you'll also be able to track your vehicles location at all times. Service package depending you will also be able to set up "fences" which will alert you to your vehicle entering and exiting prespecified areas as well as track the speed of your vehicle. This feature is great for parents sending their children off on their own for the first time.

Manufacturer Links

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